Advanced Therapies Integrates 2021

Advanced Therapies Integrates will constitute a new forum, dedicated to bringing together the industry leaders to help drive and deliver the full potential ATMPs.

Stephen Ward, Chief Manufacturing Officer
Session 2 - Britain's Talent for technology: Do we have the right skills and capabilities in place to identify and develop the next generation of ATMPs?
Thursday 7 October 2021, 09:35- 10:25 BST

Sharon Brownlow, Chief Business Officer
Session 2 - Supply Pain: As more ATMPs progress towards the market, there are significant emergent challenges to the supply chain. What needs to happen to ensure therapies are effectively and efficiently produced?
Thursday 7 October 2021, 09:35- 10:25 BST

Agathe Guillot, Head of Regulatory Affairs
Session 1 - Navigating the regulatory maze
7th October 2021, 09:35 - 10:25 BST

Lee Coney, Head of Non-Clinical Safety
Session 2 - Solid Support: Solid Tumours present unique challenges for effective treatment, how can cell therapies overcome this?
7th October 2021, 12:55 - 13:45 BST

Kasia Averall, Head of Cluster Development
Session 2 - Go with the (cash) flow: Investment and infrastructure have been put in place to rapidly translate ATMPs from concept to clinic. But are we doing enough?
7th October 2021, 12:55 - 13:45 BST

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