Bio Integrates 2020

Addressing the needs of innovative companies developing the therapies of tomorrow, this one day conference provides a unique forum to discuss the major challenges impacting the sector.

Dr Jonathan Appleby, Chief Scientific Officer
Panel Chair: It's in the genes
CRISPR technologies provide much needed cures, but at very high cost. Can we maintain the UK’s momentum in gene therapy with technologies like viral vectors?
09.30-10.20, Session 1, Track 1: Treatment

Sharon Brownlow. Chief Business Officer
Panellist: The body fights back
Can immunotherapy deliver on its promise?
11.00-11.50, Session 2, Track 1: Treatment

Dr Nick Johnson, Chief Strategy & Impact Officer
Panel: Let me tell you a story….
From engaging investors to selling your services, how do you make your messaging memorable
14:00-14:50, Session 4, Track 2: Growth

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