Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2021

Bioprocessing Summit Europe brings together leading bioprocessing scientists to share day-to-day challenges and practical solutions for the development, manufacture and quality of antibodies, vaccines and gene therapies.

Speaker: Dr Tony Bou Kheir, Lead Technical Scientst

Emerging Analytical Methods: Implementing Novel Analytical Technologies for AAV Product Characterisation and Release 

As the gene therapy field continues to expand and companies increase the number of product batches manufactured per year, the burden on quality control for product release increases significantly. The presentation will showcase CGT Catapult’s advanced analytical platform for AAV product characterisation, which includes assay development for improving precision, assay automation and in-line product characterisation for closed processes.

14:05-14:25, Tuesday 16 March


Speaker: Dr Gregory Berger, Lead Scientist

AAV Scale-up Manufacturing: Viral Vector Smart Processing

Viral vector processing at scale requires a high level of control, which can be achieved via the introduction of PAT. This presentation will present our latest work regarding the successful PAT implementation, both upstream and downstream AAV manufacture, to drive both process intensification and increase process robustness.

11.05-11.25, Tuesday 16 March

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