Biotech Showcase 2019

Biotech Showcase is an investor conference at which companies are able to showcase their organisation to life science investors and strategic partners.

Presentations will focus on the latest industry trends in workshops and panels featuring key biotech leaders, investors, pharma executives, and other industry advisors.

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Chief Business Officer, Matthew Durdy will be attending this event.

Matthew Durdy

Chief Business Officer

Part of the team that created the Catapult, he is also an Executive Director. He is responsible for strategy, and finding, funding and transacting the business of the Catapult.

He has been a champion of the early integration of healthcare economics and reimbursement expertise into decision- making and clinical product design in the sector. He began his career in international investment banking and has successfully managed a number of biotechnology SMEs. His first degree was from Oxford University in Biology and he has an MBA (High Honors) from Chicago Booth. He is a non-executive director of an immune-oncology company and periodically assists the UK Government and international organisations in the development of initiatives in healthcare innovation.

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