FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference 2020

Entitled ‘Transforming the Pharma Business for Growth’, the conference will feature a line-up of speakers sharing their insights, ideas and expertise on topics to include the increasingly complex and uncertain political and pricing environment, re-shaping the pharma pipeline for growth and the coronavirus epidemic as a 21st-century case study of pharma and health.

Dr Stephen Ward, Chief Manufacturing Officer
Panel: Manufacturing and Supply Chain - The New Competitive Edge for Pharma
Tuesday 10 November, 3:45 PM - 4:35 PM 

As the complexity of drugs increases and the race heats up to bring the next generation of advanced cell and gene therapies to market, manufacturing capacity and prowess can be the make or break of bringing these therapies to patients. Regulators are expected to take account of manufacturing availability in approval processes going forward, and innovations in manufacturing and supply chain management will be key to tackling capacity constraints and limiting pressure on the prices of these drugs going forward. What are the innovations which will transform pharma manufacturing in the years ahead? What will the pharma factory of the future look like? To what extent might manufacturing put a break on the delivery of advanced therapies to market?

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