KTN - Analytical challenges & solutions for medicines manufacturing towards Industry 4.0

The emerging technologies that characterise Industry 4.0 — data connectivity, advanced analytics, robotics and automation — have the potential to revolutionise every element of (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing within the next five to ten years and are heavily reliant on reliable analytical data.

This one-day meeting, co-organised by CPI and KTN, will consider the challenges highlighted above in the context of the broad range of therapeutic modalities. The agenda will be made up of a number of sessions covering:

  • development of novel sensors and analytical techniques and their regulatory adoption
  • real-time release and process monitoring management of analytical data for small molecules
  • biopharmaceuticals/vaccines and cell and gene therapies.


Chair: Dr Beata Surmacz-Cordle, Lead Scientist - Industrialisation - Analytics

Session 2 - Process Monitoring



The CGT Catapult Industrialisation team will present posters of recent work developing novel analytics approaches for cell and gene therapies.


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