Phacilitate Advanced Therapies Connect 2020

Advanced Therapies Connect is a brand new, virtual event from Phacilitate.

Damian Marshall, Director - New Technologies
Live Panel: How do we future proof QC for industrial scale CGT manufacture?

As increasing numbers of advanced therapies enter large-scale production and supply for clinical trials, there is increasing emphasis on ensuring that QC strategies are able to accommodate the higher throughput and larger batch releases required for commercial scale manufacture of these novel treatments and their components.

In this panel, we will explore the holistic approaches that innovators are taking to future proof and expand the UK’s QC capacity and capability to meet demand and provide the skills required for the sector to expand. Join the discussion with leading industry and technology experts discussing the future of next-generation analytics including real-time release testing and process analytical technologies, and evaluating how we can address these industry-wide challenges.

14.00-14.45 BST,  Tuesday 29 September


CGT Catapult representatives will also take part in two Automation SIG working groups:

Working Group 1: How robust does your IPC/QC strategy have to be when manufacturing advanced therapies scale? (Tuesday 29 September – 14.00-17.00 BST)

Working Group 2: Automation’s Speed Limit? Critical steps to balance Technology Advancements, a Well Regulated Industry, and Therapeutic Speed to Market (Wednesday 30 September - 14.00-17.00 BST)


More information and view the full agenda here

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