qPCR & Digital PCR Congress

Exploring advances in technology and research with QPCR, DPCR

qPCR is a powerful tool that delivers precise and quantitative data reflecting the biology of the tested experimental parameters. The precision of dPCR enables the detection of rare point mutations and mutations induced by gene editing in a background of wild-type sequences.

However, there are challenges in using these tools in a clinical setting. These include accuracy, reproducibility, assay optimisation, multiplexing, standardisation and translating methods into applications.

These are the focus of the 2021 meeting. Case studies and interactive sessions will explore qPCR & DPCR across diverse areas such as oncology, infectious diseases, vaccines, clinical applications, microbiology, and other novel applications.


Dr Lily Li - CGT Catapult Senior Scientist
Development of qPCR and ddPCR for viral genome titration in AAV gene therapies

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