Safety of Stem Cell - Derived Therapies: Trends and Future Technologies

Stem cell-derived therapies are complex and diverse, so it is critical that we understand the challenges faced in getting clinical trials for these therapies approved.

Across two days, we will discuss how some therapies have made progress towards clinical trials, particularly in relation to assessing safety. We will also look at areas where new technologies can fill vital gaps, such as in combination therapies with smart materials. 

Dr Jacqueline Barry
Safe Starting Materials for Stem Cell-Derived Therapies
Monday 7th October, 09.30-10.40am

Dr Michaela Sharpe
Pre-Clinical Safety Considerations
Tuesday 8th October, 13.30-15.15pm

Dr Beata Surmacz-Cordle 
Poster presentation: Safety of Cell Therapy Products: In vitro Methods to Assess the Tumorigenicity of Human Cell Based Therapeutic Products

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