National Coordination
Coordinating a range of initiatives with leading organisations across the UK to address the cell and gene therapy’s industry’s greatest challenges across organic growth, clinical adoption and supply chain.

From upskilling the workforce of tomorrow to driving future talent and converting research into access to therapies for patients, we are working with organisations across the industry to put in place the systems and frameworks to enable companies to grow and therapies to reach patients.

Through the support of government and industry, CGT Catapult coordinates a variety of initiatives in place to drive innovation across the advanced therapies field.

Clinical Adoption


The ATTC project aims to develop robust systems for the routine delivery of ATMPs as a standard of care throughout the NHS in the United Kingdom

Skills Development


ATAC aims to inspire the next generation of talent across advanced therapies


Digital and physical network of centres, developed to upskill the workforce of today to face the challenges of tomorrow



Core Objective

Supported by the Industrial Challenge Strategy Fund, the Advanced Therapy Treatment Centres (ATTC) project aims to develop robust systems for the routine delivery of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) as a standard of care across the NHS and United Kingdom.

Started in 2018, the ATTCs aim is to to work together with industry partners and the public sector to develop the necessary processes, skilled staff and infrastructure at scale as more treatments move from clinical trial to marketed products.

In order to achieve this objective, the ATTC is split regionally across three major centres:

  • Innovate Manchester Advanced Therapy Centre Hub (iMATCH)
  • Midlands-Wales Advanced Therapy Treatment Centre (MW-ATTC): Comprising Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester, Nottingham and Swansea
  • Northern Alliance Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre (NA-ATTC): Comprising Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Newcastle

How the CGT Catapult is involved 

CGT Catapult works closely with the ATTC in order to facilitate the link between these three centres and industry. As more treatments move from clinical trial to marketed products, CGT Catapult and the ATTCs work closely together with industry partners and the public sector to develop the necessary processes, skilled staff and infrastructure at scale.

This is achieved through creating easily run and ready-to-use systems and solutions that can be rolled out more widely to the NHS, increasing institutional readiness and patient access to licensed and investigational ATMPs and sharing learning across UK hospitals to accelerate adoption of ATMPs.

How this initiative drives industry growth

Through this coordination, the unique and complex challenges of bringing pioneering ATMPs to patients can be directly addressed and tackled to enable the effective and timely rollout of these revolutionary medicines at a nationwide scale.



Core objective

Further to receiving a grant of £1.5 million from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, in collaboration with the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP) launched the Advanced Therapies Apprenticeship Community (ATAC) to develop the UK skills base, recognising the potential in school leavers and graduates.

The first apprenticeship programme of its kind, ATAC offers apprenticeships focussing on the development, manufacturing and delivery of Advanced Therapies, with the aim of creating a UK workforce capable of scaling the industry on a national level.

How CGT Catapult is involved

CGT Catapult continues to work with industry partners to develop bespoke apprenticeships and professional development programmes.

It helps both the business and the individual to develop, and the reward for both parties is greater than either first imagined - Colin Stretch, Oxford BioMedica 

How this initiative drives industry growth

The Advanced Therapies Manufacturing Taskforce estimated that the UK would need 400-600 new skilled workers to keep up with the demand of this growing industry. ATAC responds to this need, through upskilling and developing a new wave of talent across Advanced Therapies which can meet the industry demand for growth.

ATAC apprenticeships provide unique skills in the market by putting the apprentices at the heart of new developments from the very beginning of their training. By exceeding industry demand, this initiative is futureproofing a growing industry by driving new talent.



Core Objective

Further to receiving £4.7m in funding from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult has been tasked with establishing national initiatives for upskilling across advanced therapy and vaccine manufacturing.

The funds have been utilised to develop training facilities and a virtual learning platform which addresses the demand for skills in the UK cell and gene therapy industry. This builds upon existing skills platforms, currently delivered in partnership with industry.

With employment in the cell and gene therapy industry projected to double by 2024, and with the greatest increase occurring across bioprocessing roles like manufacturing and supply chain, the ATSTN will prove instrumental to meeting this urgent demand for specialist skills and supporting growth.

How CGT Catapult is involved

CGT Catapult has collaborated with industry organisations to develop training resources and education programmes which can upskill talent from across different sectors and develop today’s Advanced Therapy workforce to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The CGT Catapult has worked in partnership with industry, to develop tools that are crucial for advancing training and improving skill development. These include:

  • Online Training Platform – £2m in funding has driven the development of an Online Training Platform which enables trainees the user to develop and advance their skillset remotely by providing access to a vast range of ATMP specific digital courses.
  • National Training Centres£2.7m in funding will go towards the development of a network of National Training Centres which accommodate industry-leading in-person training sessions, providing attendees with the expertise needed to succeed in advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing.
  • Career Converter – Working in collaboration with, and through input from industry we have developed a tool which encourages the use of transferrable skills from other sectors into the ATMP and vaccine manufacturing sector. This career converter benchmarks the user’s existing skillset against relevant industry-roles so they can kick-start their career in advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing.

How this initiative drives industry growth

The ATSTN provides an essential resource for upskilling professionals from across other verticals in order to fill the skills gap across advanced therapies and vaccine manufacturing. In addition to attracting people from outside the industry with relevant skills, the ATSTN facilitates their progression through training resources within an integrated platform, enabling them to advance in their career.


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