Bioprocessing of Advanced Cellular Therapies Congress

Topics dicsussed at the event will include next generation bioprocessing, strategies, technologies and solutions to work together for this constantly evolving field.

Research Organizations and Pharma companies have been investing big time into the promise of cellular therapies and all signs point to the need to accelerate the process of moving from lab to patient using advanced manufacturing processes and solutions to commercialization.

With this objective, making the shift from manual processes to automation, bridging the gap between research lab and market place, and using novel and advanced technologies will be the key aspects for manufacturers to answer the challenge of scale-out.

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult team will be attending the event and taking part in teh following sessions:

Thursday 8 June, 11:40 - Nick Gaddum, lead Devices and Delivery Scientist, will be presenting his poster on Investigating stirred tank bioreactor agitation configurations to maintain the suspension of cells

Friday 9 June, 09:00 - Damian Marshall, Head of Analytical Development will be presenting Process Analytical Technologies to support cell therapy manufacture

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