Cell and Gene Therapy Europe

This event offers extensive specific coverage of ATMP R&D, manufacturing and regulatory issues and challenges, whilst also placing these components in their wider strategic context at the core of successful cell & gene therapy business and commercialization models.

The event aims to define the strategic roadmap to success for the world’s cell and gene therapy developers and manufacturers, ensuring European patients gain access to the game-changing biotherapeutics of tomorrow. Conference attendees include regulators, HTAs and payers, pharma decision makers and investors. 

Dr Ryan McCoy, Lead Technical Scientist at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult will be discussing Cost of Goods – what improvements have been - and can be made? Wednesday 20 September, 10:40-11:00am

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult's Chief Business Officer, Matthew Durdy, will be taking part in the session titled: Cell-based therapy business and innovation: Harnessing the cutting edge of automation to drive robust, cost effective cell-based therapy manufacturing at commercial scale, Thursday 21 September, 11:30-11:35am.

To view the full agenda please visit the event website.

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