June news: Supporting development of cell and gene therapies

In this newsletter, we are pleased to provide an update on the innovative work taking place at the CGT Catapult development centre based in Guy's Hospital, London. 

Targeting solid tumours - In a project targeting tumour vascular with CAR T-cells for the treatment of solid tumours, the industrialisation team has seen ~50% reduction in tumour burden using CAR-T cells targeted to CLEC14A. This data was presented at the recent American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy Annual Meeting and the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Conference, where Analytical Development Scientist, Juan Miguel Sanchez-Nieto, won the oral presentation prize. You can see a copy of the presentation on our website.

Lowering viral vector manufacturing cost - In the area of viral vector manufacturing the team have investigated transduction as a major cost driver in the cost of viral vector and in CAR T-cell manufacturing. The team have shown that high cell seeding densities and lower working volumes, with little to no agitation, allowed the maximum transduction of T-cells. Through this bioprocess optimisation the virus cost per transduced cell was dramatically lowered. Data can be seen in this poster also presented at the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy Annual Meeting.