Skills and training

The UK advanced therapy and bioprocessing workforce is predicted to more than double between 2021 to 2026 resulting in a significant industry demand for talented individuals equipped with specialised knowledge and experience.

We are addressing the skills gap in the cell and gene therapy industry to ensure that this talent is available to meet the needs of this growing industry.

Backed by funding from Innovate UK and the Department for Science Innovation and Technology and in collaboration with industry we have established apprenticeships, training programmes, tools and content to guide, upskill and cross-skill people throughout the UK.

These resources are recognised as the ‘go to’ place for individuals, teams and organisations looking to succeed in the advanced therapy and bioprocessing manufacturing sectors, including:

  • Understanding the sector skills needs through our biannual Skills Demand Surveywhich supports the industry in planning for expanding manufacturing
  • Connecting employers and individuals through our Advanced Therapy Apprenticeship Community (ATAC) to train and upskill talent through apprenticeships in advanced therapies
  • Combining the latest in-person, online, virtual, and augmented reality learning techniques through Advanced Therapy Skills Training Network (ATSTN):
    • Guiding people from outside our industry to understand the roles, opportunities and development routes available through our new, innovative Career Converter tool
    • Partnering with both e-learning and in-person training providers to structure and provide the full range of industry approved and recommended skills courses via our Online Training Platform
    • Coordinating a network of <National Training Centres> who collaborate to support industry needs for hands-on training through state-of-the-art equipment
  • Our own new state-of-the-art Skills and Training Laboratories in Stevenage supporting skills, training and equipment familiarisation at the heart of the world’s third largest cluster of advanced therapy companies.
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