How we work

We create powerful collaborations which overcome challenges to the advancement of the ATMP sector.

Wherever you are in your research, development, and commercialisation journey, we can help progress your products to market ensuring that patients benefit from their immense potential.

Clinical adoptionCommercialisation market accessClinical developmentPre-clinical studiesResearch and discoveryATMP SectorPatients and carersPatients and advocacy groupsRegulatorsGovernment regulatory agenciesPayers/providers/caregiversGovernment price and market access agenciesHealthcare institutesATMP Product developer/owner/marketerUniversity/hospital researchSMEsMid/Large pharmaTechnology suppliers/service providerUniversity/hospital researchCROConsultantsCDMOTechnology and Equipment ProvidersSupply chain / logistics

Supporting the entire ATMP industry

We work extensively across the entire span of the advanced therapy sector, applying our unique capabilities and expertise. We collaborate with researchers, industry, regulators, other government bodies and healthcare providers to develop innovative solutions to the challenges of ATMPs.

Working across the product development pathway

Our experts cover all aspects of advanced therapies, from R&D to clinical adoption and every step in between. We can enable our collaborators to efficiently drive their innovations forward by identifying appropriate grant funding or supporting with preparations to secure private investment.

You can benefit from our unique knowledge of the cell and gene therapy landscape and our extensive technical capabilities that are aligned to support therapy developers, ATMP manufacturing and unique supply chain solutions.

Upskilling the industry is also essential to its future success; we have built training platforms that are providing the talented individuals that will be making the therapies of the future.

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Group 5PatientsClinical adoptionCommercialisat’n market accessClinical developmentPre-clinical studiesResearch and discoveryATMP SectorAddressing industry needsProviding skills and training programmes to support sector employmentEnhancing patient access to ATMPsDeveloping effective technology and supply chain servicesEnabling ATMP manufacturing innovationSupporting new and existing therapy developersSupporting sector investment

National coordination

CGT Catapult engages with leading organisations across the UK to address the cell and gene therapy industry’s greatest challenges and coordinates a range of national initiatives. This includes working with researchers and industry to identify technological challenges and then develop solutions for the development and product of advanced therapies.

Supporting rapid sector growth through our skills and training programmes that ensure that talented individuals can acquire the knowledge and expertise required to manufacture the most complex of products.

Scottish Advanced Therapies and Vaccines NetworkSkills and training