Case studies

Read industry case studies on how CGT Catapult has helped accelerate the development of cell and gene therapies in the UK and across the world.

Merit case study: Learnings from expansion of CGT Catapult’s Stevenage Manufacturing Innovation Centre drives business growth and employment in the North-East UK
Autolus case study: From early-stage research company to a robust clinical-stage development and manufacturing company
Non-clinical risk assessment and strategy for ImmTune Therapies’ NanoCART-19 in vivo CAR-T cell therapy
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Informing strategic decision making in early clinical development: Exploring commercial potential
Collaboration within the Catapult Network enables best use of equipment and rapid project set-up
Initial work with CGT Catapult has led to Purespring Therapeutics being awarded £45m from Syncona
Apprenticeship case study: Andy Chapman, GSK
Celebrating the achievements of the Advanced Therapies Apprenticeship Community
Advanced therapies apprentice supporting COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing
Apprenticeships upskilling pioneering SME Replimune
CAR-T cell therapies and the use of outcomes-based reimbursement in the five major European countries
A framework for quantifying digital infrastructure upgrade costs in order to address data needs of outcomes-based reimbursement
Enabling outcomes-based reimbursement through a universal platform for outcomes data
To what extent can the SACT database enable outcomes-based reimbursement in oncology in England?
To what extent can the EBMT registry enable outcomes-based reimbursement in oncology in the UK?
The appropriateness of the NHR for facilitating performance-based reimbursement in thalassaemia – current state and future perspectives
Can the existing data collection infrastructures for patient outcomes enable outcomes-based reimbursement in the UK?
Quantifying the cost of implementing an outcomes-based managed entry agreement in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)
Identifying the price and access potential of a novel ATMP in the United States
Enabling a valuable engagement with EMA and HTA bodies as part of the Parallel Consultation procedure
Investigating the use of high performance stirred tank bioreactors for development of allogeneic and autologous cell therapies
Designing fully automated in-process controls for cell and gene therapy manufacturing
Creating a computer model for fluid movement inside a bioreactor
Enabling the creation of new products and technologies that meet industry needs
Creating an investable opportunity from an academic asset
Providing regulatory advice to support the development of automated stem cell production
Developing a single cell integration assay to quantify viral DNA in individual cells
Creating characterisation and potency assays for an autologous cell therapy product
Reimbursement of macrophage therapy liver cirrhosis treatment
Clinical trial of an immuno-oncology treatment with UK Universities
Health economics assessment for Athersys inc.
Creating a new company with the University of Aberdeen
Working with UK company ReNeuron
Cell plasticity platform project
Developing benchtop thawing devices with a UK SME
Creating EU market access roadmaps for cell and gene therapies