Principles and Applications of Flow Cytometry for Therapeutics

This training course invites scientists to the CGT Catapult Skills and Training Laboratories to gain an overview of the principles of flow cytometry

This one-day course features classroom-based lectures plus hands-on, laboratory sessions. Utilising a Miltenyi MACSQuant X flow cytometer located within our state-of-the-art training facility in Stevenage, UK, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in exemplar experiments to understand compensation and immunophenotyping of cells frequently used for therapy development.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of the principles of flow cytometry including working with fluorescence and system components.
  • Multicolour flow panel design, compensation, data acquisition and interpretation.
  • Experimental design including controls and troubleshooting frequently observed issues.
  • Applications of flow cytometry from cell biology through to the use of flow cytometry for the development of advanced therapies.

Who should attend:

  • Scientists from academia working in areas such as immunology, virology, molecular biology, and cancer biology
  • Scientists working in the advanced therapies and biomanufacturing sectors in roles such as quality control, analytical development, or process development
  • Anyone who wishes to build on their foundation knowledge of flow cytometry
  • All attendees must have a basic understanding of the fundamental aspects and terminology as used in the field of flow cytometry and have a minimum of 3 month’s flow cytometry laboratory experience
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