An Introduction to Viral Vector Analytical Techniques​

This two-day, course will cover the essential biology of viral vectors and provide an overview of the key analytical techniques utilised to assure the safety and efficacy of viral vector products, focusing primarily on AAV and LV. It will also offer an overview of typical manufacturing processes plus insights into the regulatory expectations, current trends, and challenges.

Learning objectives:

  • Be able to describe the development of viral vectors and their use for research and therapeutic applications.​
  • Learn about viral vector critical quality attributes (CQAs) and the importance of CQA assessment before regulatory approval and during commercial production.​
  • Appreciate the complexity of viral vector particles and the challenges faced when assessing their characteristics. ​
  • Appreciate the range of foundation and advanced analytical techniques utilised for the investigation of viral vectors and their manufacture, including electrophoresis-based, immunological-based, analytical ultracentrifugation, PCR, mass photometry, chromatography and mass spectroscopy techniques.​
  • Explore the application of viral vector analytical techniques through case studies and insights from industry experts.

Who should attend:

This course is suitable for advanced therapy scientists working in QC and analytical development, in addition to technology suppliers and anyone else who wishes to acquire a foundation knowledge of the range of analytical techniques utilised for the characterisation and qualification of viral vector particles.

Course contributors:

The Skills and Training Laboratories would like to thank the following organisations for their invaluable support in the design and delivery of this course - Rentschler, Promega and National Horizons Centre.

Course titleAn Introduction to Viral Vector Analytical Techniques​
Course levelIntroductory
Course dateJanuary 23-24th
VenueCGT Catapult's Skills Training Laboratories, Sycamore House, Stevenage