Essential Manufacturing Skills - ​​Single-Use Technology:​ Aseptic Connectors, Tubing sets & Bio-welders

This two-day course on single-use technology (SUT) in bioprocessing covers the essential concepts, principles, and practical applications of these technologies. The course includes a mix of theoretical lectures, hands-on practical sessions, case studies, and interactive discussions to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of single-use technology and bio-welding in bioprocessing.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the terms, concepts and benefits of SUT in bioprocessing.​
  • Identify the risks of open, closed and scale up strategies for bioprocessing systems.​
  • Understand the principles advantages and disadvantages, the areas and applications of SUT in cell and gene therapy processes.​
  • Identify design requirements in single-use fluid paths in bioprocessing.​​
  • Understand how the process setting influences the type of connection and apply SMART criteria to the choice of tubing and tubing sets.​​
  • Identify the theory and generic principles of bio-welding and show competence on different makes of bio-welders.​​
  • Review what to consider when choosing between bio-welders and connectors as a connection technology.​

Who should attend:

Individuals new to highly regulated industries such as biotherapeutics, advanced therapies medicinal products (ATMPs), or pharmaceuticals, and those currently working within these sectors wishing to gain a better understanding of SUT applications such as compliance, quality and safety aspects. Appropriate for staff in manufacturing and operations roles, biotechnologists and researchers as well as engineering, QA and regulatory professionals.

Course titleEssential Manufacturing Skills - Single Use Technology: Aseptic Connectors, Tubing sets & Bio-welders
Course levelIntroductory
Course date

Available upon request

VenueCGT Catapult's Skills Training Laboratories, Sycamore House, Stevenage