Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Annual Review

Ten years of accelerating innovation in cell and gene therapies

Introductory Q&A with Matthew Durdy – CGT Catapult Annual Review 2022

Established by Innovate UK in 2012, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) is an independent innovation and technology organisation committed to delivering impact for the cell and gene therapy industry.

In the decade since it launched, CGT Catapult has consistently delivered by creating powerful collaborations which overcome challenges to the advancement of the sector.

To advance the industry, we collaborate with...


to support academic researchers to identify and commercialise viable research into advanced therapies, providing pre-clinical and non-clinical support, coupled with regulatory engagement and expert advice to help secure investment funding...


to create powerful collaborations that significantly improve efficiency and reduce the cost of development and manufacturing to accelerate the commercialisation of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in the UK. Over the last year we have worked with SMEs and large corporates building new partnerships to overcome industry barriers...

healthcare services...

to support clinical adoption of advanced therapies; we have built a network that includes healthcare providers, regulators, industry, and logistics aimed at building the clinical systems, skills and expertise that are necessary for patients to benefit from the growing number of approved and reimbursed ATMPs available through the NHS.

The partnerships we have developed have helped to position the UK as a global leader in the development of advanced therapies, and they continue to drive growth and investment in the development of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products ATMPs, exemplifying the UK leadership in Life Sciences and realising significant value to the UK economy.

2021/22 Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Outputs and Outcomes

  • icon-microscope
    56core research projects
  • icon-collaborate
    79collaborative projects
  • icon-world
    59international collaborations
  • icon-grad
    25universities and research institutes worked with
  • icon-network
    154companies collaborated with on ATMP innovation (47% of which are UK SMEs)
  • icon-learn
    17ATMP apprenticeship programmes
  • icon-upskill
    125companies supported with up-skilling and training
  • icon-atac
    224Advanced Therapies Apprenticeships Community apprentices employed by 40 companies in the UK
  • icon-financed-raised
    £434mraised by our UK collaborators in Stevenage
  • icon-financed-raised
    £1.3b+in financing raised by our UK collaborators
  • icon-trials
    23companies supported that are conducting clinical trials
  • icon-training
    5,000+people up-skilled and supported with training
  • icon-therapies
    3 ATMPscommercialised through the Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre Network
  • icon-tools
    17,700+TTC NHS Readiness Toolkit users
  • icon-modules
    73learning modules and training generated by the ATTC network

UK ATMP industry growth and CGT Catapult impact

  • icon-financed-raised
    Annual investment in ATMPsIn 2022 there was a 31% increase from 2021, taking investment from £1.3bn to £1.7bn
  • icon-manufacture
    Growth of ATMP GMP manufacturing spaceIn 2022 there was a 25% increase from 2021, taking growth of space from 31,800m2 to 40,000m2
  • icon-trials
    Phase III clinical trials
  • icon-training
    Increasing employment in advanced therapies and bioprocessing industries
  • icon-therapies
    Approved therapies reaching patients

A statement from Our Chairman

Despite the challenges of the last few years, the UK cell and gene therapy industry has continued to build on its status as a leading light in the country’s life sciences portfolio.

In 2021/22, UK-based ATMP developers raised over £1.7b in funding, demonstrating a 30% growth year on year. Of that figure, over £1.3b, or 76%, was raised by current or former CGT Catapult collaborators, which is 90 times the amount of Core Grant Funding received by CGT Catapult in the same period. This demonstrates not only the growing confidence among investors in this rapidly expanding sector, but also the important role played by CGT Catapult in making the UK a preferred venue for developing and trialling innovative new treatments.

Ian McCubbin, CBE

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult has played a critical role over the last 10 years in developing this expertise and building this capacity. We will continue to do so, working with industry, academia, regulators, healthcare providers and others to accelerate progress in the development of advanced therapies and ensure that patients in need benefit from their therapeutic potential.

Ian McCubbin, CBEChairman

We continue to see significant growth year on year
in the number of clinical trials of advanced therapies that are taking place in the UK, and our 9% global share for ATMP studies remains much higher than for conventional therapies. Developers continue to place a premium on the impressive technological expertise and manufacturing capacity we have to offer when choosing where to manufacture their products.

A statement from Our Chief Executive

In its 10th year, CGT Catapult has continued its work to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive edge in the global development and manufacture of ATMPs.

Since the CGT Catapult was established in 2012, we have evolved and extended our approach, and today we have a vision of a thriving industry delivering life-changing advanced therapies to the world. The last decade has seen the industry progress from a nascent stage to one that now employs thousands of skilled professionals working on the development of life-changing treatments – and it’s right that our current activities reflect the demands of a growing industry.

Matthew Durdy

As we look forward to the year ahead, and the next decade to come, we will continue our relentless focus on delivering impact in areas that are essential to meet future demand and to ensure the UK continues to be an attractive destination for ATMP companies.

Matthew DurdyChief Executive

Driving the industry’s rapid progress – and at the core of the CGT Catapult’s business approach – are the collaborations we have entered into with organisations across the industry. This year, we have continued to work closely with our long-term collaborators to boost their capability and secure their continuing development of ATMPs in the UK.

Ten years of accelerating innovation in cell and gene therapies



Cell Therapy Catapult is established with a mission to grow a viable and sustainable cell therapy industry in the UK, enabling access to finance, and providing clinical and technical expertise to allow the rapid exploitation of cell therapies.


Cell Therapy Catapult publishes the first Clinical Trials Database highlighting the growth of trials in the UK.


New facility in Guy’s Hospital, London is opened by the UK Secretary of State for Business and Industrial Strategy providing expanded laboratory and space and capabilities to further support the industry. Cell Therapy Catapult announces plans to create a cell therapy Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MIC) in Stevenage, with £60m+ funding from the UK Government.


Cell Therapy Catapult is renamed to Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult), reflecting the growth in gene modified cell therapies and the wave of direct gene therapies in development


First UK Cell and Gene Therapy Skills Demand Report is published, forecasting dramatic increasing demand for sector employment


The Advanced Therapy Treatment Centres (ATTC) network launches – a world-first initiative, enabling best practice and NHS readiness for ATMPs, coordinated by the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

World’s first Advanced Therapy Apprenticeship Community (ATAC) launched with funding from Innovate UK

Autolus Ltd, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of next-generation engineered T-cell therapies for haematological and solid tumours becomes the first company to begin manufacturing in the Stevenage MIC

Adaptimmune, a leader in T-cell therapy to treat cancer, announces it will begin vector production at the Stevenage MIC


Completed expansion of Stevenage MIC expansion to meet the increasing sector demand for manufacturing innovation


CGT Catapult launches the ATSTN to support the growing demand for ATMP upskilling, enabled with funding from UK Government’s BEIS Department

BEIS and the Vaccine Taskforce fund the purchase of a facility in Braintree, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and future positioning as an additional cell and gene therapy Manufacturing Innovation Centre


CGT Catapult announces expansion with new laboratories and offices planned for the Bioquarter in Edinburgh


CGT Catapult and the industry publish the National Cell and Gene Therapy Vision for the UK, outlining recommendations to ensure the UK maintains its global advantage

Discover how we support and progress the industry

Accelerating innovation in the cell and gene therapy landscape

Dr Jacqueline Barry

To date, the CGT Catapult has played a critical role in accelerating the progress of advanced therapies from lab to the clinic, establishing a clear vision for treatment in the UK and ensuring that patients receive treatments from well-trained staff in optimised environments.

Dr Jacqueline BarryChief Clinical Officer
  • 10icon-sign
    cell and gene therapies approved and reimbursed by the NHS
  • 168icon-pill-computer
    clinical trials taking place in the UK
  • 48icon-trials
    Phase II/III or Phase III clinical trials

Since the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult was established in 2012, the UK landscape for advanced therapies has rapidly evolved.

Over the last five years, the industry has grown quickly with the number of ongoing late-stage clinical trials in the UK reaching 48 for a range of therapies, a 9% growth over the previous year.

Driving forward technology
and process innovation

Dr Jonathan Appleby

Over the last 10 years, CGT Catapult Officer has consistently worked with scientists and SMEs at the forefront of the ATMP industry, bringing our resources and commitment to tackling the industry’s biggest challenges.

Dr Jonathan ApplebyChief Scientific Officer

Over the last decade, CGT Catapult has worked with industry in the development of novel processes and analytical techniques for cell and gene therapy manufacture.

In that time, CGT Catapult has sought to add additional value to the cell and gene therapy field by identifying opportunities and projects that complement the work of the industry in developing and manufacturing ATMPs.

In 2021/22, this approach has seen CGT Catapult continue to focus efforts in the following areas:

  • Understanding and characterising new ATMPs
  • Developing safer, more efficient processes for ATMPs in clinical studies
  • Innovation in cell and gene therapy manufacturing

We work with our collaborators to broadly disseminate this knowledge and know-how to the benefit of UK industry and academia.

Supporting academia to progress
 vital ATMP research

Supporting academia to progress
vital ATMP research

CGT Catapult is committed to ensuring that the UK can translate the cutting-edge cell and gene therapy research taking place in our universities and other institutions into commercially successful ATMPs. Since 2018, CGT Catapult has contributed to the launch of five new spin-out companies from leading UK universities through advising academic researchers on issues including non-clinical development, commercial development and investment strategies to secure funding.

In 2021/22, CGT Catapult partnered with 25 leading research institutions to accelerate innovation of a wide range of potential treatments and to identify opportunities through which to commercialise this research.

Accelerating innovation by
 supporting UK SMEs

  • 73icon-pill-computer
    Total SME collaborations
  • 37icon-manufacture
    CR&D Projects involving SMES
  • 33icon-modules
    Commercial Readiness Advice Clinics provided to early-stage companies

While cell and gene therapies have demonstrated their potential to transform the way clinicians treat a wide range of different conditions, there remain significant challenges to their study and development. CGT Catapult has worked with UK SME ATMP developers to support the development and execution of advanced medicines development plans.

From providing pre-clinical advice on potential new treatments through to supporting companies to engage with regulators and enable market access, CGT Catapult works with SME collaborators to accelerate the development of promising therapies and accelerate innovation within the UK cell and gene therapy industry.

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A quick look at the Financial Highlights


For year ended 31st March 2022202220212020
Innovate UK core grant funding£14,500,000£14,200,000£14,500,000
Third-party grant funding£34,000,000£34,500,000£34,000,000
Industrial Income£25,300,000£21,200,000£25,300,000

Balance Sheet

For year ended 31st March 2022202220212020
Fixed assets£81,800,000£74,600,000£56,300,000
Net current assets£34,400,000£28,300,000£12,500,000
Provision for liabilities(£19,900,000)(£13,600,000)(£10,300,000)
Net assets£78,700,000£72,200,000£51,500,000
Capital and reserves£78,700,000£72,200,000£51,500,00

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