20th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology

The 20th European Congress of Toxicologic Pathology will be held in Basel, Switzerland, and will take place from 26th - 29th of September 2023.


The 2023 Congress will focus on a very interesting and important hot topic for the pharmaceutical industry with regard to the safety of their new/future products, namely the safety assessment of emerging therapeutics. The title of the Congress is “Emerging Therapeutic Modalities: Gene and Cell Therapies, New Generation Biologics and Targeted Protein Degraders.” The program will be of interest to toxicologic pathologists and preclinical safety scientists. Topics on new methods/technologies in view of these new modalities will also be part of the scientific program. There will be plenary lectures, oral presentations of original scientific work, interactive case presentations, a half-day IATP session, a poster session and of course plenty of opportunity for interactions both formally and informally with colleagues and friends.

Speaking from Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult:

Talk: The History and Evolution of Gene Therapy

Time: 13.15-14.00

Speaker: Jonathan Appleby, Chief Scientific Officer