Advanced Therapies Integrates

We are excited to be sponsoring and speaking at this year's Advanced Therapies Integrates event in Stevenage

Innovation in pharmaceutical discovery and development is taking place at an astonishing pace. The genomics revolution and other advances have led to the emergence of highly effective, but extremely complex therapeutics, with cell and gene therapies, regenerative medicines and tissue therapies now transforming the prospects of patients and healthcare providers around the globe. However there remain many strategic challenges to the effective development, deployment and utilisation of these ground-breaking medical technologies.

Don't miss out on Advanced Therapies Integrates which will constitute a new forum, dedicated to bringing together the industry leaders to help drive and deliver the full potential ATMPs.

Speaking from Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult:

Talk: 9:50-10:10 - Fireside Chat 2

Description: TBC

Speaking: Matthew Durdy, Chief Executive

Talk: 10:15-11.05 - Panel session 1: 'We used to have more fun'

Description: The current economic environment is tough, especially when it comes to funding. When can we expect to see a return to previous levels of funding for the ATMP sector?

Chair: Sam Goldsmith, Head of Commercialisation of Research and Investments

Panellists: Mustafa Munye, Vice President Operations, Complement Therapeutics; Karolina Zapadka, Investor, Parkwalk Advisors; Eric Halioua, President & Chief Executive Officer, PDC*line Pharma; David Venables, Chief Executive Officer, Laverock Therapeutics; Miguel Forte, Chief Executive Officer, Kiji Therapeutics

Talk: 15.10-16.00 - Panel session 5: 'I got skills, they’re multiplying'

Description: Between 2021 and 2026, the UK advanced therapy and bioprocessing workforce is predicted to increase by over 100%. How can the industry and government work together to attract and retain the skills to support this growth?

Chair: Ian Parnham, Skills Programme Lead

Panellists: Bakul Gupta, Co-Founder, Deliver Biosciences; Dharmesh Vara, EMEA Field Application Specialist Leader, Cytiva; Rebecca Street, Head of Digital Operations, RoslinCT; James Kusena, Vice President of Operations, MicrofluidX

Lab Tours:

We will be offering tours of our Skills and Training and Process Analytical Technologies labs in Sycamore House to Advanced Therapies Integrates attendees. Spaces are limited so please book early to secure one.

Members of the CGT Catapult team will be in attendance at this years event. If you would like to schedule a meeting with a team member, please contact us at