BioTrinity 2021

BioTrinity is a biopartnering & investment life sciences conference, that aims to shine a light on new innovation in the life sciences industry and inspire growth and create opportunities for all who attend. 

In this session, CGT Catapult presents a series of exciting cell and gene therapy startup and spinout companies that are seeking investment to advance their novel technologies and therapies.

  • iSTEM Therapeutics - presented by Peter Jones, Acting CEO
  • NK:IO Ltd. - presented by Andrew Baxendale, COO
  • Resolomics - presented by Jesmond Dalli, Founder, Director, and CSO
  • Crucible Gene Therapeutics - presented by Thomas Bartlett, Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation Manager, University of Sheffield
  • VacV Biotherapeutics - presented by Louisa Chard, CTO

Hosted by Sam Goldsmith, Senior Commercialisation of Research Manager, CGT Catapult

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