Moving Beyond the Status Quo: A Roadmap for Digitization

We are looking forward to taking part in Oribiotech's event in California on the 12th October 2023

Ori Biotech is partnering with Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) to run a strategic session focusing on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital and data in cell and gene therapy.

As an industry we all agree that for CGT to have widespread impact for a consistently expanding patient base, a digital backbone is indispensable. Relying solely on paper-based systems introduces too many constraints, especially in the manufacturing process.

The session will bring together key decision-makers across the CGT industry to delve into pressing questions:

  • What are the primary pain points and barriers in adopting digitally native approaches, especially in the early, preclinical stages of the development process?
  • What are the compelling use cases in preclinical stages that support the need for prioritization of a digital approach right from the start?

Together, we will pinpoint the challenges and explore digital solutions, always keeping the end goal in sight.

Our speakers:

Stephen Ward, Chief Manufacturing Officer, will be taking part in this event.