The Scotsman Life Sciences Conference 2023

We are looking forward to sponsoring and speaking at the Scotsman Life Sciences Conference again this year!

The value the life sciences industry delivers for the world and the impact it has is clear. But now, with the increasing urgency of global health and climate challenges, we must focus not just on what we are delivering but how we are delivering. The world needs the value you deliver faster and cleaner and the strength of the industry’s future relies on it stepping up to this challenge.

This conference will focus on the back-end processes and the innovation that is needed for sustainable growth, something that applies to businesses of all size across all subsectors associated with Life Sciences.

Speakers from the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult:

Talk: 11:25 - Panel Discussion: Data and Digitalisation

Speaking: Jacqueline Barry, Chief Clinical Officer

Description: Discussion around the role of digitalisation and use of data (and what this means for the supply chain) in:
- Compound discovery
- AI innovation
- Cell & Gene Therapy
- Bringing drugs to market faster