Translational Pathways in Cell and Gene Therapy

Join us at this event to gain an overview of the key considerations needed to translate an advanced therapy from bench to bedside.

Are you a University of Cambridge academic or clinician developing a cell or gene therapy and looking for support to translate your research from bench to bedside?

We invite you to attend our seminar on translational pathways for cell and gene therapy, organised by Cambridge Enterprise and the Office of Translational Research (OTR) in collaboration with the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Catapult. This seminar will provide key insights on:

- Intellectual Property (IP) considerations

- The expertise and resources that the CGT Catapult can provide to help you develop a clinically and commercially viable cell or gene therapy

- Key considerations from across the cell and gene therapy lifecycle for translating your research, including:

  • Navigating the complex regulatory landscape for cell and gene therapies
  • Non-clinical considerations, such as safety strategies
  • Health economics and market access analysis that can help inform downstream cell or gene therapy clinical development and reimbursement
  • The common challenges associated with developing and manufacturing a cell or gene therapy

- The development path taken by a pioneering cell therapy developed at the University of Cambridge.

University of Cambridge researchers and clinicians working on cell or gene therapies, or technologies that facilitate their development, are invited to attend this free event. You will have the opportunity to meet experts in cell and gene therapy development, share ideas, and learn more about the available support to rapidly progress your research towards patient benefit.

If you would like to attend, please contact Nick Darvill at the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult: