CGT Catapult London

An industry-leading facility based in the heart of London, home to state-of-the-art technology and process innovation laboratories, collaboration spaces and expert teams to accelerate cell and gene therapy process development and delivery to the clinic.


CGT Catapult London, located at Guy’s Hospital, is a 1,200m2 facility which includes technology and process innovation laboratories for cell and gene therapy process development. We provide the collaborative environment, specialised equipment and people to overcome product development barriers, supporting you to progress your product to the next stage of the ATMP development pathway.

Our London team of experts broadly cover the ATMP lifecycle. From providing analytical and bioprocess support in the labs to making your ATMP processes more cost-efficient, scalable, safe and robust, to developing regulatory, market access and clinical adoption strategies to give your ATMP the best chance of success.

Our ATMP process technology capabilities include viral vector, stem cells, cell engineering, bioprocessing, analytical and GMP translation, providing solutions to the key technical challenges to ATMP development. We work collaboratively with industry to overcome the common barriers faced by ATMP companies, helping you to accelerate your product development and advance the overall progress of the sector.

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