CGT Catapult Stevenage

Our Stevenage campus includes our MHRA licensed cell and gene therapy Manufacturing Innovation Centre, with 12 clean rooms and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality control (QC) laboratories. The campus also houses technology and process innovation laboratories including our Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) lab and Skills and Training Laboratories, all based within a globally recognised cell and gene therapy cluster

Stevenage Manufacturing Innovation Centre

Our Stevenage Manufacturing Innovation Centre (MIC) is a 7,700m2 MHRA GMP-compliant facility licensed for clinical and commercial ATMP production. Operating through a unique collaboration model, we work with you to develop your manufacturing processes at scale, speed and according to GMP.

Housing 12 segregated cleanroom modules, a central QC laboratory, sterile kitting and access to our established supply chain, our facility and infrastructure can provide you with the resources necessary to achieve rapid establishment of manufacturing capability and licensure, for the supply to UK or international clinical trials, or for commercial markets of viral vector, autologous or allogeneic cell and gene therapies.

CGT Catapult Stevenage is a core part of the cell and gene therapy cluster centred on Stevenage, which includes leading suppliers of critical materials, equipment and storage, and distribution solutions for the advanced therapies industry. Our facility is an ideal location for you to establish your own manufacturing processes and accelerate commercial-scale production.

In addition to our Stevenage MIC, we have co-located facilities at the nearby Kadan’s Sycamore House Innovation hub for life sciences and cell and gene therapy

Process Analytical Technologies laboratory

Our PAT laboratory is a 100m2 facility providing digitally enabled, real-time analytical monitoring and control of advanced therapy manufacturing processes, to improve product quality, safety and process efficiency as you upscale production.

Our laboratory incorporates innovative in-line and at-line monitoring equipment, together with a multi-omics approach, to allow you to identify and assess critical process parameters in real-time, while state-of-the-art automation and digitalisation facilitate rapid control of your process.

Skills and Training Laboratories

Our Skills and Training Laboratories (STL) cover 206m2 and are state-of-the-art facilities providing access to equipment and technology for GMP orientated upskilling and capability solutions. Courses offered at the facility range from fundamental lab skills to advanced bioprocessing techniques and quality control training, using innovative teaching resources including interactive Virtual and Augmented Reality technology. Courses are available to local and national advanced therapy and biomanufacturing organisations, universities, schools and other higher education institutions for those looking to develop their laboratory skills or are just beginning their career in the cell and gene therapy industry.

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