Contribute to this year's manufacturing survey

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult are collecting data for their annual manufacturing survey.

Each year, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult reviews the capacity and capability of the cell and gene therapy manufacturing base within the UK. The report aims to collect evidence-based information and provide an overall picture of the capability and capacity of UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) licenced cell and gene therapy manufacturing facilities.

Previous manufacturing surveys can be viewed here.

We are currently collecting data for the 2017 publication. We are looking to collect and summarise information on each of the MHRA-licenced manufacturing sites in the UK with current spare Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) capacity. An overview of the technical and quality capabilities at each of the facilities, alongside predictions of their available operational capacity can then be compiled.

If you are a MHRA-licensed manufacturing site please get in touch with the following information:

  • The types of cell/viral vector/plasmid DNA manufacturing processes the site handles
  • The types of processing equipment the site has available
  • Number and grade of clean rooms, MBSC and isolator technology site has
  • Licences site holds
  • Number of staff site employs and distribution between production, QC and QA
  • Number of parallel projects and products site can deal with

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