Press release: Annual Review 2019 highlights impact of CGT Catapult in accelerating the delivery of advanced therapies to patients

In its Annual Review 2019, published today, the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult) shares an overview of its work over the past year and the impact that it has had so far in accelerating the delivery of advanced therapies to patients.

The CGT Catapult Annual Review 2019 highlights some key successes from the last 12 months, including the granting of two manufacturing licenses from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) allowing for manufacture of clinical material at CGT catapult’s manufacturing centre, the setup of the first apprenticeship programme specifically for advanced therapies and the establishment of the Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre Network.

Annual Review 2019

The CGT Catapult manufacturing centre is a key asset in the UK cell and gene therapy ecosystem. It is now enabling five companies to develop their manufacturing processes and in March, TCR2 Therapeutics was announced as the first US collaborator to setup development of their processes at the centre. The centre has been awarded £3.6m funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and a £12m Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) award to undergo further expansion. Upon completion, the 7000m2 centre will contain 12 cleanrooms for large scale cell and gene therapy manufacture.

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In the year 2018-2019 CGT Catapult worked on more than 110 projects to help address industry challenges. To address industry skills shortages CGT Catapult has worked with partners to establish the first apprenticeship programme specifically for advanced therapies. 32 apprentices are currently employed and 65 apprentices will be employed across the industry over the first year of the programme. The year has also seen CGT Catapult coordinating the establishment of the three Advanced Therapy Treatment Centres, and progress made to help overcome barriers for adoption of advanced therapies by the NHS.

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The 2018-19 CGT Catapult achievements accompany an impressive year for the cell and gene therapy industry in the UK which has seen NHS England announce the availability of CAR-T treatments for cancer patients, and the first-time patients in Europe having routine access to CAR-T therapies. The growing pipeline of clinical trials ongoing in the UK, of which there are over 85, and the increasing number of approved cell and gene therapies, currently 10, of which four have gained approval in the last 12 months, underscores the UK as a leader in the development and adoption of these therapies.

Over the past 12 months, we have seen the UK cell and gene therapy ecosystem flourish, and it is now recognised around the world. By working closely with and connecting all of the organisations that make up the ecosystem, CGT Catapult is actively addressing challenges to accelerate ATMP development, making the UK an attractive place for advanced therapy, research, development and manufacture.

We will continue to work with Innovate UK, UKRI and the NHS towards our vision for the UK to be the leader in the development, delivery and commercialisation of cell and gene therapies by anticipating the challenges that will face the industry and finding ways to overcome them.

Keith Thompson, Chief Executive Officer

Annual Review 2019: