UK clinical trials database first major output for Cell Therapy Catapult

Input of community important for maintenance of database integrity

London, 14 January 2013 – The Cell Therapy Catapult, which is focused on the development of the UK cell therapy industry to increase the nation’s health and wealth, has published its database of ongoing clinical trials in this area in the UK. It details 21 studies, and will be used by the organisation to identify potential programmes for development or partnership, as well providing a key indication of progress in the UK cell therapy industry. The database will be updated regularly and input from the cell therapy community is welcomed in order to ensure it remains comprehensive and accurate.

Key findings from the Cell Therapy Catapult UK Clinical Trials Database include:

  • 75% of UK clinical trials are sponsored by a research institution
  • Diverse cell types are being investigated, although bone marrow cells predominate
  • Transplant/oncology indications dominate although there is also significant activity in cardiovascular and neurological indications
  • The majority of cell therapies are in Phase I/ll or II trials, highlighting the translational gap that the Cell Therapy Catapult is looking to address
  • The trends identified reflect those reported in a recent European study1

The database includes all academic and commercial trials ongoing in the UK regardless of the nationality of the sponsor, and covers those involving cells as therapeutic agents (excluding established stem cell transplants and gene therapy delivery systems). The Cell Therapy Catapult also plans to publish later in 2013 a database of cell therapies likely to enter clinical development in the next few years.

Keith Thompson, CEO of the Cell Therapy Catapult, said: “The UK Clinical Trials Database is one of our early outputs, and an important part of our engagement with the community, whose input and comments we welcome. It’s encouraging to see the quality of the early stage work ongoing in the UK, although the need to convert this into late-stage and commercial products is clear. The Cell Therapy Catapult is working to address this translational gap, and we will be using the database to help monitor our progress.”