Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

The Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Forum is dedicated to focusing on development of manufacturing processes for cell and gene therapy products. 

The Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Forum will inculde presentations on improving cost efficiency, innovative strategies for commercialisation as well as closed system processing, optimised manufacturing scheduling and maintaining GMP compliance.

Chief Opperating Officer, Dr Stephen Ward, will be speaking at the event

Tuesday 12 September, 10:30-11:00am

An industrialisation inflection point, from manufacturing process to facility

Manufacturing systems are developing to drive industrialisation levels up and cost of goods down for cell and gene therapies. Industry trends across autologous and allogeneic manufacturing systems shall be discussed.

  • Step changes in both in process and end testing analytics are needed to truly understand and control production. Smart process controls are an integral part and will be discussed in the context of adaptive process control and real time product release.
  • Innovation in production facility design and operation is also ongoing. A case study shall be given around the new Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult manufacturing centre, opened in 2017 for companies to produce their own products in a supported environment.

To view the full agenda please visit the event website.

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