Barriers and opportunities: The clinical adoption of advanced therapies

As the field of cell and gene therapy advances, it is becoming increasingly evident that these innovative therapies hold immense therapeutic potential, particularly in the fields of oncology and childhood immune deficiency diseases. However, as more therapies progress to late-stage clinical trials, there is a need for progress and innovation in manufacturing, logistics, regulation, reimbursement, and healthcare settings to ensure that systems are in place to support widespread clinical adoption of these treatments.

There is an opportunity to implement new methodologies for best practices in manufacturing reproducible products at scale and ensuring that healthcare systems are not overwhelmed by the complexity of these new therapies, and the additional burden they will place on existing facilities that are alredy under stress. Collaboration among all stakeholders is critical in developing the necessary processes, skilled workforce, and infrastructure required for successful adoption of these therapies as they progress from clinical trials to marketed products.

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