The use of innovative payment mechanisms for gene therapies in Europe and the USA

A potential solution to the data uncertainty associated with one-off, high value gene therapies with long-term potential and limited supporting evidence at launch are innovative reimbursement mechanisms.Valuable examples of how these innovative reimbursement mechanisms are used by healthcare system decision makers include the growing numbers of such gene therapies in Europe and the USA that have launched in the past 5 years.

This review outlines how recently launched gene therapies in Europe and the USA have used these reimbursement schemes, determining that their adoption is less widespread in the USA compared to Europe. Innovative payment schemes are becoming more prevalent worldwide. However, variations in healthcare system structures, such as single-payer versus multi-payer systems, and differences in willingness to pay, result in decision-makers in different countries facing differing incentives in terms of addressing uncertainties surrounding the long-term value of products in the real-world.

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