Essential Laboratory Skills: Laboratory Behaviour and Techniques

This two-day course will ensure that individuals working in GLP laboratories possess the necessary skills to work safely, effectively, and accurately while maintaining high-quality standards. Delegates will be instructed in appropriate techniques for the operation of a range of laboratory equipment such as fridges, freezers, pipettes, pH meters, microscopes and centrifuges. In addition, under the expert tuition of our trainers, delegates will have the opportunity to demonstrate their laboratory skills and apply their knowledge through participation in several hands-on, practical activities including solutions preparation, serial dilutions and standard curve preparation using a spectrophotometer.

Learning objectives:

  • Appreciate the regulatory requirements which apply to the biomanufacturing GLP laboratory environment and demonstrate the ability to always work to these expectations.​
  • Gain an awareness of the Health and Safety requirements relating to a biomanufacturing laboratory and demonstrate the ability to follow SOPs including; handling of process samples, maintaining cold-storage, storage and handling of hazardous materials, waste management and the cleaning and maintenance of equipment.​
  • Develop the capacity to managing samples correctly, measuring accurately on the correct choice of equipment and understanding both intra- and inter-process variation.​
  • Master pipetting skills: including the appropriate choice of pipette and pipette tips, for different volume and media requirements, demonstrating accuracy in different scenarios.​
  • Reliably calculate and prepare solutions of a required molarity in a dilution series in order to prepare and use a standard curve in calibration and quantification applications.​
  • Understand the principles and demonstrate the appropriate operation of standard laboratory instruments including microscopes, and pH measurements.​
  • Master basic manual and automated cell counting techniques whilst demonstrating basic aseptic principles.

Who should attend:

​Employees new to working within a biotherapeutics or advanced therapies laboratory setting or those currently working in a laboratory who wish to develop the essential laboratory skills required to work within a GLP-regulated environment, supporting the manufacture of biotherapeutics & advanced therapies. Previous delegates have included equipment and materials handling operatives - who are working in controlled environments such as cleanrooms and isolators, maintenance technicians, quality assurance and quality control staff as well as research and development personnel.

Course titleEssential Laboratory Skills: Laboratory Behaviour and Techniques
Course levelIntroductory
Course dateAvailable upon request
VenueCGT Catapult's Skills Training Laboratories, Sycamore House, Stevenage