Manufacturing centre, Stevenage, UK

To help support the growing industry, we have built a large-scale GMP manufacturing centre, which through collaborations, will help address the manufacturing challenges faced by therapy developers.

The centre will support the development of new large-scale manufacturing systems and capabilities, helping you to bring your cell and gene therapies to market.

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The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult manufacturing centre will provide you with the supported environment to develop your large-scale manufacturing systems, whilst segregated modules allow you to maintain control of your underlying process.

The licensed GMP-compliant manufacturing centre will provide you with the flexibility of your own facility, as well as access to an established supply chain.


1. Ready when you need it

Through collaborations we will support you to develop new large-scale manufacturing systems, without the need for capital investment or the associated risk of building and licensing your own facility.

The centre can offer the opportunity for acceleration of commercial-scale production.

2. Access established supply chain

The centre’s location will enable you to access an established international in-bound supply chain, to support your manufacture. The effective outbound supply chain, with its easy access to Heathrow and major international transport links, will also allow you to receive and deliver your therapies to key clinical centres.

The Fisher BioServices’ CryoHub located at the centre will provide a complete cryogenic storage, distribution and logistics solution.

3. Flexible to your needs

The centre is designed to be adaptable to your processing needs, enabling you to flex to your manufacturing strategy and as you grow, take on more modules or replicate your module design in your own facility.

The flexible module design and supporting infrastructure is adaptable to your own process, whether it is allogenic, viral vector or autologous.

4. Control your manufacturing strategy

The centre’s architecturally segregated modules allow you to develop your process while retaining your intellectual property (IP) and know how. The people, process, quality management system, batch release and IP are all yours.

We will work with you, managing core operational and quality assurance activities, letting you focus on developing your processes.

5. Collaborate with industry specialists

The centre is supported by a team of specialists across the cell and gene therapy lifecycle, who will work with you when you need them.

Floor plan

The centre has been specifically designed to meet the demands of cell and gene therapy manufacturing. The adaptable clean room design will allow the development of autologous or allogenic manufacturing processes, as well as viral vectors.

The Cell Therapy Catapult cell and gene therapy manufacturing centre will be the world's first facility of its kind. I am very proud that it will be built in the UK. The UK is at the leading edge of the cell and gene therapy industry, with a disproportionate share of both world leading scientists and new developments in the field. It will also contribute to considerable additional inward investment to the UK. This has created an advantage upon which the country has to continue to capitalise. The centre will contribute to the development of a large scale industry in the UK and the development of a cell and gene therapy cluster that will deliver both health and wealth to the UK.

George Freeman, MP

Documents relating to the centre:

User Requirement Brief (June 2014)

Site Selection Process (June 2014)

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